Wicho's Surprise Birthday Party

March 23, 2013

Will this construction ever end? It even interferes on Wicho's surprise birthday. Or was the surprise upon those that arrived early or on time? Was Wicho going to show up? As it appears to be the norm, US 281 southbound was closed for the weekend, so everyone had to arrive via an alternate route.


Wicho did show up fashionably late, but as mama always said, better late then never. We all converged on the Beijing Express on Embassy Row for a traditional AMSO time of food, fun and camaraderie. It really was a festive time with many smiles and laughter including some Rudy jokes. It just wouldn't be an AMSO event without the Rudy reference. Since dogs in restaurants are frowned upon, Rudy did not make an appearance... or was it he did not want to end up as Chop Suey?


The focus of the evening was ceiling pictures and there were a few of those. Lori Brown found flower rings on the cookie cake, so we all wore our power flower rings... that was until the blood circulation was cut off to the wearer's finger! There was a totally cool personalized smart birthday card with matching key ring. Totally awesome and much appreciated by Wicho.


No sombrero unfortunately could be found, but we did manage to find one cool cat to don the festive headgear!


In attendance at this grand event was the birthday boy himself, Wicho, Don Dionisi, Baja Volk, Jeff and Lori Brown, Bob and Joyce Cruz, and Sak and Bebe Reeves.


Even though our waitress was a tad embarrassed, we managed to close the place down without getting thrown out. I think all agreed this place is a keeper!


Respectfully submitted,


Wicho, the unofficial, official reporter for the most awesome Alamo Mercedes Smart Owners.

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