The Leaders ~ Who Runs This Group...

Every group or organization has to have leaders, but the Alamo Mercedes-Smart Owners group is really about people. We love the camaraderie of each other and the fun that goes along with every event. However, we get together as a group not for the cars, but because we love the people who drive the cars we admire. Collectively, we have an affiliation with the brand, but not the BS. Sound off-kilter? Well, maybe. But the members of AMSO believe that ‘car fun’ can exist well outside the boundaries of a traditional ‘business’ club. Unfortunately, every organization needs leadership and guidance. Here is ours…

Jeff Brown Affectionately known as 'Grand PoohBah', Jeff is the leader of this illustrious group and the driving force behind the creation of AMSO.  He has experienced 15+ years of MBCA silliness and has seen his fair share of ‘big club’ bureaucracy. A self-proclaimed survivor of the Silicon Valley executive pressure cooker, Jeff has deep leadership and project management experience that lends itself well to the growing group.  He is dedicated to making the group excel without the elitist attitude or 'concours caste' system that is so prevalent in other car clubs.  Jeff is a founding member of AMSO.

Dedicated Members of AMSO – A key philosophical belief is that the members of AMSO should drive the direction of the club.  Fun-loving, intelligent, and loyal are the primary characteristics of the typical AMSO member. We love to drive collectively, have a strong affinity to the Mercedes and Smart brands, and prefer excitement and action, as opposed to stagnant and solitary club meetings. Members of AMSO support the friendship that derives from meeting frequently.  While all of us were strangers at one time, AMSO has grown and thrives on the friendships that develop as new members join the fun.

Officers of AMSO - At this time, there are no Officers or Directors of the group. AMSO is new, small and growing. As such, the core founders of the AMSO do not want to diminish the friendly nature of AMSO by developing a level of bureaucracy too soon. The leadership exists within AMSO, just not on an officer/director level. In the fullness of time, as the club continues to grow, organizational structure will be established. For now, we build upon the key cornerstone of AMSO philosophy ~ that the club must be welcoming, friendly and open to all.

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