Lupper with Sak and Bebe ~ March 9, 2013

With a heavy heart, the Grand PooBah postponed Saturday’s Technical Session at Dent Dawg with Chris Coker because of the grim, drizzle, rain, clouds and yuck.  The Grand PooBah did not want a poor showing because of the marginal weather. AMSO members converged instead, on the China Rose restaurant for killer Asian cuisine at 3pm!  The eatery is owned and operated by AMSO members Sak & Bebe Reeves. Sak is a master of the wok! This was a rain-or-shine event, and considering it rained Friday and Saturday there was an awesome turnout, and even the sun made an appearance!

Getting to these events can sometimes be quite an adventure in itself, and this time was no exception. There is always some form of road destruction occurring on the highways and byways of San Antonio. Where was our event goddess when we really needed her with her traffic report? I swear you need a fortune teller to determine what is open or closed. Today it was 281 southbound. Once again travel was delayed on the frontage road. I do believe 'Stuck on the frontage road, again' would make a great country and western song. As the Grand PooBah mentioned, maybe we should have a contest to write lyrics for this song.
Oh no, more traffic on the 281 and 410 overpass... maybe we will arrive by dinnertime! Well another 15 minutes stranded on the overpass, and of course Don (aka 'The Don') and I (Wicho) are the last to arrive. It seems like a common theme for us! Morris and Kathey Williams, Baja Volk and his friend Don (aka Beach Bum) Nelson, Bob and Joyce Cruz, and the Grand PooBah, Jeff and First Lady, Lori Brown attended this grand event. Sak and Bebe Reeves were busy running the restaurant, but were able to join us later in the afternoon. The food was spectacular and the Pad Thai excellent. There were plenty of appetizer samplers to be passed around, and rumor has it that there were some deep fried jalapenos for Rudy who unfortunately was left at home to guard the castle.
For the most part the group was well behaved, well except for the part when the metal detector went off when an unnamed member tried to sneak out of the establishment with some of the utensils. I guess they must have matched their set at home. Since Sak and Bebe own this place, they will probably allow us to return.
Respectfully submitted,
Wicho, the unofficial, official reporter for the most awesome AMSOA

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