Lori Brown's Birthday Bash!

What can I say? When AMSO parties, we party!

Lori has one special guy, who went out of his way to surprise her with a very special birthday party! Emails were a flying preparing us for the special event, and what an event it was.

We all were to meet Friday, March 1, 2013 at 6:30pm at none other than Mexican at its best, El Chaparral Mexican Restaurant at Redland and 1604. First to arrive was none other than Baja and Yong (aka Mrs. Baja) Volk, who immediately were seated in the special area just brimming with birthday possibilities. Then Ron and Mary Ann Feldman arrived and joined Baja and Yong. Don Dionisi and Wicho Forrai arrived next, but being the poor white trash we are, were seated in the waiting area and told the party table wasn't ready! What is this all about? John and Mitzi Agnew arrived next and headed off for refreshments. Bob and Joyce arrived, and they must be a class act, as we were immediately lead to the party table with John and Mitzi. To our surprise we found Baja, Yong, Ron and Mary Ann already seated. What is up with that?

The biggest obstacle to the evening was parking. You thought parking in New York was trouble; well here there nary was a spot to be found. In fact, when Jeff and Lori arrived, Jeff nearly got in a brawl in the parking lot. Too bad Rudy or the killer bunnies were not there to lend aid to Jeff. I think next time it might be prudent to carry a samurai sword to scare off potential brawl mates. I suggested that maybe we should have sent Sak out early with the cones to reserve spots, but remember what happened at the last C&R? Joyce said next time we ALL need to bring out the little car to double up on parking spots so we can all fit!

The birthday girl was totally surprised, and arrived with a big smile. It's nice to know that at the end of a long week, someone appreciates your company. And to add to the surprise, Heather Brown, Christopher Haley and Karen Grady arrived as well.

The food and beverages were delicious, and to top off the evening, Lori received a pink sombrero and the staff sang a special birthday song along will plenty of well wishes! Totally awesome. Lori wanted to take the pink sombrero home, but she was about as successful as Joyce was taking the large red ribbon from MB of SA! At least we behaved ourselves and this is another joint that we can show our faces once again.

The evening was a total hit and a grand ol' time. It certainly was worth it, despite the Mad Max warfare in the parking lot.

Respectably submitted,
Wicho, the unofficial, official reporter for the most awesome AMSO

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