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Smart Center of San Antonio

Parts & Accessories for the Smart Car ~

Our extensive range of accessories enables you to make even more of your smart fortwo. With a host of innovative and practical solutions for the interior, exterior, functional/electrical equipment, audio and telematics, driving dynamics and safety, the possibilities for you and your smart fortwo are virtually boundless. And everything is tailored perfectly to your smart fortwo in terms of design, functionality and quality. You can view our collection in the online accessories catalog and at your local smart center.

Dent Dawg

Paintless Dent Removal ~

Quite simply, Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is the use a specialized set of tools and techniques to remove dents from a vehicle without the use of paint, bondo, or any chemicals that are harsh to the environment. Using specialized tools to the backside of the metal, the dent is gently massaged back to its original state, all the while being extremely careful to not disturb the factory finish. By using Paintless Dent Repair instead of traditional body shop methods, there is no decrease in the value of your vehicle. Traditional repair of damaged body panels involves grinding, sanding, and Bondo® Body Filler and then paint is applied. The vehicle just lost value, no matter how great the repair looks. PDR makes the repaired body panel as if it were new – no grinding, sanding, filler or paint.  And at a fraction of traditional body repair time and cost.  Virtually all PDR work is done while you wait comfortably in the Waiting Room, enjoying refreshments, TV and free WiFi.

Recommendation – Chris Coker, owner of Dent Dawg, is a true PDT artist and a professional friend. He has removed 18 dents and dings from both my Mercedes and I defy anyone to find where the dents were originally. I encourage AMSO members to look my cars over and consider Dent Dawg for all their PDR needs.

          Jeff Brown, President of AMSO

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