History and Milestones

The Alamo Mercedes-Smart Owners group was born from the ashes of the old MBCA Alamo section. In early 2012, it was apparent that there was sufficient interest for a car club, dedicated to the Mercedes-Benz and Smart car brands, based exclusively within the San Antonio, TX area. This initial group comprised motorcar enthusiasts who wanted focus to be locally on San Antonio, action-oriented events, exhilarating driving as the primary club activity, and a strong sense of camaraderie. We also wanted to meet frequently and at various locales and venues.

In response to this, a group of MBCA members attempted to restart the inactive Alamo section but received no support from either the MBCA National Business Office or the National Leaders of MBCA. Although the group, starting in July 2012, held multiple successful events each month, produced a newsletter, had a thriving and growing membership with strong friendship bonds, all efforts to restart the Alamo section were rejected by the MBCA Leaders.

On 3 Nov 2012, the National MBCA Board of Directors voted to begin the process of revoking the charter of Alamo. As a result, the association of Alamo Mercedes-Smart Owners was formed as a car club, independent of the MBCA, based upon the concept of no dues and no hierarchy, where all members feel an active part of the club and new members are immediately supported and enthusiastically welcomed. The formula has been successful and the group has continued to meet with membership steadily growing month after month.

On 2 Feb 2013, the MBCA National Board of Directors approved a resolution to revoke the charter of the Alamo section. This action formally closes the MBCA Alamo section. As of February 2013, AMSO has over 30 followers with about 15 as highly active, frequent participants. We are proud of our growth, especially considering AMSO generates no advertising or marketing. We grow exclusively by word of mouth, letting our honesty and open friendship be the deciding factors. Virtually all new members are non-MBCA members.

Milestones of Significance

Saturday, 3 Nov 2012 - Alamo Mercedes-Smart Owners is formed as an informal group of Mercedes-Benz and Smart car enthusiasts. At its conception, 21 members and friends joined together to be a part of the group. We use the word 'group' since there is no formal leadership structure or finances. We begin (and continue to) meet solely as friends.


Saturday, 26 Jan 2013 - A full dozen Mercedes and Smart cars gather - in the cold and drizzle - for Coffee & Rides. This is the first time we gathered a dozen cars at once for an event. The poor weather made the achievement all the more significant.

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