Hernandez Family Fund Raiser - Sunday, 10 Feb 2013

AMSO Members Pay Respect to Area Car Club Family

Every evening when Bob comes home from work I ask how his day went. If there were any major issues or if all went well. The way I was raised home is supposed to be a retreat from the world outside our front door. A safe haven of sorts. A place to kick off your shoes and relax with friends or family. A home can be a 5000 sq. ft. museum. 1000 sq. ft. little cottage, apartment, condo or whatever roof covers your head is usually called home.

But sometimes a miserable event happens and not even home can be a safe haven. The Hernandez home safe haven and family took a turn for the worse in late January. Home was not home any longer. No longer a safe haven; no longer a place of happiness and joy.

Richard and his lovely bride Maria were on his motorcycle on city streets when they were hit. Maria will never see another Christmas and Richards recovery is slow going. Both being in critical condition Maria succumbed to her injuries. She leaves behind family and friends who will miss her but know she is at peace and with the support of family and friends those surviving family members celebrate her life by remembering her.

When you hear of a tragedy of that magnitude you often ask yourself what can I do to help the family. The extended family put fingers to keyboard and decided to host a fund raiser. Putting the word out to local car clubs, one of which Richard was very involved with, as well as truck clubs, motorcycle clubs and anything with wheels. Deciding on a day when Richard was able to try to attend the event, he is still in the hospital the family decided on February 10th.

A local Pep Boys offered their parking area for BBQ pits, family members, and those who would attend the show and shine event. Arriving before daylight to start setting things up the DJ arrived, as did the BBQ pits, as did hosts of volunteers to assist with chicken plate sales, t-shirt sales all in an effort to help the family get through this difficult time.

Car after car after car arrived. Car clubs, truck clubs, you name it everything from rat rods to trailer queen custom cars to Mercedes to Smart cars. By noon there were well over 400 vehicles in this parking lot spilling over into other business lots. Row after row after row. What a site to see. The immediate family members walked the rows and personally thanked each person for coming to the event letting each one of us know how truly touched the Hernandez family was shaking hands giving hugs and appreciating everyone who was in attendance.

About 1:30 EMS arrived from the Fire Department with a very special patient on board. Ricky arrived still in casts unable to walk in excruciating pain but he was determined to attend this event. Being a hot rodder himself he wanted to come out and thank the crowd. After getting the stretcher out of the ambulance the smile on his face with tears streaming down his face he was speechless at the out pouring of love for him and his family. The pink balloon release was a site to see honoring Maria letting her know she too was being honored by all in attendance.

When the event was shutting down there were over 500 cars jam packed in every corner, side street, all over the place. There were roughly 1000 folks wandering around looking at the show and shine vehicles, sharing stories about when the Hernandez kids were small and how wonderful the event was.

When the news reports nothing but doom and gloom giving the impression we like other large cities are horrible this is one for the good guys. This is one for the record books this is what makes San Antonio San Antonio. This is who we are. This is what we are all about. Right there were a crowd of people most didn’t know one another but by event end shook hands and said 'Hello'.

It was an honor to be invited to this event. It was an honor to participate in this event. One gold star for the good guys.

We wish Mr. Hernandez a speedy recovery and offer prayers, positive energy and good thoughts for the family as well. We don’t get to do these all the time but when we do get the chance? You soon don’t forget how important home really is.

Joyce Cruz

Events Goddess

Alamo Mercedes Smart Owners


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