Devil's Backbone Run & Wimberley Glass Works - Saturday, 16 Feb 2013

Double Trouble ~ Two Events in One!

I, Wicho, have been summoned by the Grand Poobah to provide a synopsis for the Devil's Backbone run. This could be rather scary, so hold on as we travel down the road. The grand adventure begins at 'Point Valero' with an early arrival time of 9:45am. Of course everyone was there and waiting for the event organizers to show up. I drove my new white smart and since it was a surprise to most, the members simply assumed that Joyce had bleached her car white. Since 1604 was closed, we said a little prayer that the Grand Poobah would be able to get through the detour. Our prayers were answered as both Joyce and Jeff arrived before 10 am. We have perfect weather sunny and cool. Baja had the top down on his SL donning a stocking cap. Joyce provided me with a stuffed killer bunny, and I have made him the official mascot of AMSO. He will be with us where ever the road takes us.

We had a good turn out with ten cars leaving 'Point Valero' lead by the two smarts Joyce and Wicho. We traveled north on US 281 and then east on the scenic FM 1863 to New Braunfels. This is a gorgeous drive with curves and hills. Once in New Braunfels we took the loop to River Road and drove that wonderful road in reverse. It was a good time to travel River Road as there was very little traffic and all the leaves are off the trees providing a spectacular view of the river and surroundings.

I learned not to follow too closely as Joyce got all excited when passing the Moo Cow Cabins, and I got to perform a 'brake check', otherwise we would have had the world's longest smart car. I thought to myself, no wonder Morris keeps a large distance between cars he probably has experienced Joyce's excitement in the past! I was glad Baja was behind me, as like Joyce is to Moo Cows, Baja is to Palm Trees, and we passed some premium specimens along the road. One just never knows what is going to happen with these distractions.

At the end of River Road, we stopped for an early lunch at the Old Sattler Baking Company. We were able to order off either the breakfast or lunch menu. They were prepared for us and the food was just excellent. I highly recommend this joint to everyone.

We left the Old Sattler Baking Company on FM 2673 to FM 306. From there we made a left on Purgatory Road. The Grand Poobah had never traveled this road before. I was expecting to meet a devil or two, but again had to check my brakes because Joyce spotted a herd of Moo Cows. Those were the only horns I saw on the entire drive... very disappointing.

From Purgatory we made a right on FM 32 and then a right on RR 12 arriving at the Wimberley Glass Works. This is a world class place that actually allowed the likes of our group to enter. I had visions of my Mom telling me, 'don't touch', as from experience I have found glass very easy to break. We were able to attend the glass blowing demonstration given by Joyce's friend, Tim. Joyce brought earlier works of Tim from a prehistoric era just to embarrass the poor guy. Tim was very professional and didn't even bat an eye, but I was on the lookout for the bouncer. Fortunately, no bouncer arrived. The demonstration made a platter for a client that was to look like a flower for a wall mural. It was enchanting to watch a glob of glass morph into an artistic object of beauty.

After the demonstration there was plenty of time to shop. I think Sak purchased a $1.8 million lamp for his home, but I am not exactly sure. I heard rumors of them wanting to put it in my smart. Also, I kept seeing these Coach and Louis Vuitton bags amongst our female members. I thought either, I was definitely in the wrong group, or maybe AMSO finally got some class. I think the verdict is still out. I was just grateful that there was no bull-in-the-china-shop moment during our visit there. I think this may be one of the few places that will actually let us return.

From WGW we turned left on FM 2325. This is another scenic drive with lots of hills, curves and spectacular views. As we neared Blanco we made a right on RR 165 that brought us into Blanco. The Blanco stop ended at the courthouse for a photo op. We were a little short on parking spaces so Joyce hopped the curve in her smart, but the local police were making a pass by, so we were forced to make other arrangements. We loss a couple members to the allure of the antique shops, but did manage to get a few photos before heading to our final destination for some refreshments.

Wicho took point in his white smart and took us down US 281 to Beefy's on the Green in Spring Branch. There we could partake of beverages and food of our choice and relax and dine either indoors or out. Since it was the most beautiful day, we dined outside, and Rudy (AMSO mascot) was able to joint us. I am not sure how this exactly came about, but Sak fed Rudy a basket of fried pickled jalapeños. I think it had something to do with producing alternative fuel choices since gasoline prices are going up. I did hear Jeff say that he might have to have Rudy ride on top of the car like Dino does in the Flintstones, but upon further consideration deemed it not appropriate since PETA is now in the picture. The Stone Age definitely had its perks. It was unanimous that Beefy's is a definite keeper and we actually were well behaved enough that they probably will let us return. Wow, this may be a new record, two in one day!

Parting is such sweet sorrow, and from Beefy's we all headed our separate ways gleaming in the knowledge of another awesome AMSO adventure to add to the history books. It was truly a perfect day by all accounts.

I personally would like to thank Joyce and Jeff for making it happen, and of course to all of the members who shared this memorable day.

Faithfully submitted though with reservations of the group’s sanity,


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