Coffee & Rides + Dyno Day - March 30, 2013

Ugh! Coffee & Rides now has a start time of 7:00 am. It now is just like having to get up for work! Gotta get there early, as the spots fill up quickly. Grand PooBah Jeff does a great job of reserving spots for us.


I get up and made my coffee. I was just going to bring Tex along, but decided what is one more? So Mija gets to experience her first C&R along with her brother Tex. Of course the Chihuahuas have no problem with early rising, if it was up to them we all be up before the sun!


I was the first to arrive driving The Don’s 1972 280SE making it’s first appearance anywhere other than the mechanic’s shop. GP Jeff was somewhere at The Vineyard digging up a sandwich and coffee. It was dark, but he was eventually able to find me.


We had a good following and a couple of past repeat offenders as well as some new folks show up. Perhaps early mornings are not as bad as GP Jeff and I think?


GP Jeff brought out none other than the newly started 1996 SL600. It had it’s share of time out in the garage, but it is out and about once more, making everyone extremely happy! Morris Williams was there with his 1966 250SE. I had found out some interesting information. Morris had his beauty painted, and it is a drop dead gorgeous blue gray. It is an official Mercedes Benz color, but was from the 1980's. How unique is that?


Baja brought out his 1986 560SL, but what is this? The top is up! I don’t think I ever have seen it with the top up! I guess the temperatures and fizzle drizzle was a tad too much to take this fine March morning. Baja’s friend Beach Bum (aka Don Nelson) arrived in his striking 2006 SLK280. It is just so fine in black, what a beaut of a ride.


To really top things off and draw a crowd was Len Myer’s 2013 SLS AMG GT. This car is what dreams are all about. It was just totally awesome to see this baby up close and personal. And what is this? Parked right next to the Green 1972 280SE, the old and the new, it certainly was like a Christmas morning!


John Agnew attended with his stunning 2008 E350. Ah, the E class one of my all time favorites. We had a few newbies out as well, Avery Abrams with his newly acquired S500, and father and son team Daniel and Shawn with their totally styling 1987 560SL. A great compliment to Baja’s 1986. We also have Renata and her knock out beauty 2005 CLK500, and congratulations to Renate despite our best efforts, she actually likes us and wants to become a part of the group! See we really are not that bad after all.


Our perennial favorites were also out in force with Sak and the totally inspiring 2008 SL65 AMG, and last but never least Bob and Joyce Cruz and the 2008 smart passion Miz Behavin.


We had guest appearance by First Lady Lori and the unofficial official mascot Rudy. However, Rudy and Tex did not become very close friends with their brief encounter, and Mija was just scared the whole time, but did appreciate the lovin’. I still am very skeptical about Lori’s smart. I have yet to see it. She had it parked far, far away and claimed that it was dirty, but I heard rumors that it might have been in a demolition derby! I am not going to believe she has a smart until I actually see it, clean or dirty!


Coffee & Rides is always a great opportunity to meet other car enthusiasts and get to see all makes and models and conditions of just about anything you can drive. I totally give it my approval and highly recommend everyone to attend and experience it. There is always a great group of folks to be found.


Coffee & Rides ended around 10 am, and three of the members made the trek to Lone Star Dyno, LLC in Spring Branch. I had to take Tex and Mija back home and recuperate from the early rising. So please check out the photographs in the gallery. Reports from the Dyno were positive with a possible technical session out there some time in the near future.


Respectfully submitted,


Wicho, the unofficial, official reporter for the most awesome AMSO


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