Chilly Morning for Coffee & Rides ~ Saturday, 29 Dec 2012

On a chilly… no, downright cold morning [brrr], seven Smarts and Mercedes coalesced for the monthly Coffee & Rides at the Vineyard Shopping Center.  Although it was a Saturday, sandwiched between Christmas and New Year’s, AMSOA members came out to enjoy the camaraderie.  Jeff was in his perennial ’96 SL600 and arrived at [yawn] 7:30AM to reserve primo parking slots.  Following him in was Heather in her 2-week old silver 2013 Smart (way cool!).  She came down from San Marcos!  Next in was Morris driving his white ’80 450SL.  Arriving in quick precession were Baja in his ’86 560SL, Lori in her ’08 blue Smart, and Karen in her maroon ‘06 SLK280.  Arriving later was Daniel in his well-preserved 560SL.  You won’t believe the mileage on Daniel’s car… and you’ll have to ask him yourself, ‘cause I’m not gonna tell ya!


The SL’s were once again the dominant class.  However, we did pick up a potential new member who owns a Smart.  Ronald is a Smart car owner but also has a very low-mileage ML in his ‘stable’.  His son was there, too, showing off a beautiful Boss Mustang.  Jeff spoke at great length with Ronald about cars and such; AMSOA members just make everyone feel comfortable!  We look forward to welcoming Ronald next month when he shows up with his Smart.  Of special interest is that Ronald is looking for performance upgrades for his Smart… as is Heather!  I suspect we’ll be seeing some customized Smarts this coming year.  Look out Joyce; you got ‘smart’ competition!


Most improved appearance award goes to Morris.  He really worked the rubber accent bumper pieces this month with Mother’s® Back-to-Black® and they looked great!  Also Morris did a fabulous job on his paint; very nice exterior!  Good job, Morris!


Jeff took the overall dirtiest car award.  Not washing the car after the New Braunfels run, the SL600 looked like, well, bird poop.  The engine bay was cleaner than the exterior!  And leaves on the interior carpet panels… tsk, tsk.  Congratulations Jeff on this month’s dubious honor!  (Hey, even the club president takes shots at himself!)


It was a great morning catching up with friends and checking out the fellow gearheads in attendance.  And it was a surprisingly good turnout – even for this last Saturday of the year!  I am proud to report that Alamo Mercedes-Smart Owners Assn. was one of the larger groups in attendance!  Camaros and Mustangs were well-represented but for the European car clubs, we kicked it!  Grouped together, we did well.  And we were proud!


As the event began to breakup, some of us took a short drive to a (literally) new potential cruise-in joint – Original San Antonio Hot Dog House.  This place opened last month but by noon today, the place was packed!  And what a menu!  Of course, their specialty is hot dogs and sausages, but the menu includes many other sandwich-type items.  Prices are awesome for gourmet hot dog – yes, ‘gourmet’!  This is no simple hot-dog-in-a-bun joint; variety and combination is the name of the game!  Jeff spoke with the owner about potential cruise-in opportunities.  I think there will be more to come on that front.


Everyone enjoyed the simple meal, and as usual, we were laughing and enjoying each other’s company – can’t keep us quiet!  Although Morris and Daniel didn’t make the short run to the Hot Dog House, we did pick up Charles & Patti and Joyce & Bob.  So the 9 of us just moved tables together and sat as ‘family’… which is what we are.  Good family, sitting around with everyone in the conversation.


By noon, we were done with another successful Coffee & Rides gathering for the Alamo Mercedes-Smart Owners Association.  Fun, camaraderie, and motorcars… what more could we ask for?  Thanks to all for attending.  For those who didn’t make it, glad you were able to stay warmer than we were – although we may have had more fun!  See ya ‘round the bend.

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