Coffee & Rides ~ April 2013

It was a dark and stormy morning, well maybe just cloudy, not really stormy. But, any time you have to get up early on a Saturday morning is just bad news. I am sure in the summer we will enjoy the cooler temperatures of early morning, but now it is just rude.


Our fearless Grand PooBah, Jeff was the first soul to set foot on the parking lot for the historic April Coffee & Rides. I think he deserves a blue ribbon for this. Wicho was the second one to arrive of the AMSO group, but there were a few other attendees there ahead of him.


It looked like rain, it was Fiesta weekend, folks were out of town, it was way too early on a Saturday morning. I just don't know what the deal was, but we did not have a record breaking attendance. It was however, a classy event and not just for the fact there was a 1966 Rolls parked across from us. We had a bucket load of new folks and some not so new folks show up. Joe arrived in his 1987 while 560SL with a gorgeous red leather interior. It could be Baja's twin.


Next the new folks Robert and Vanessa appeared in their 2006 SLK 55 AMG in a beautiful ice blue gray that is one of my favorite colors. Vanessa was very interested in learning about the smart, and was surprised by how much interior room it has. John has visited us before, but this time he arrived in his 2011 SL 63 AMG in a beautiful white. This is definitely the color of choice in the Lone Star State.


I guess Sak decided to finally roll out of bed and show up in his ever popular and beautiful perennial favorite 2008 SL65 AMG in black.


We did have RJ one of the Porsche guys drive out in his 2003 or 2004 C230 Kompressor. This is a manual shift European model. RJ did not want to chance getting his Porsche dirty from the impending rain, so he drove the little lady's ride. Guess that is why the Porsche guys made him park on our side... the lower rent district!


We did have Zen and Mabel visit us. Zen drives an E55, but I am unsure of the year. The car has a number of high-performance modifications. Zen just relocated from the Virginia area. Maybe next time we will see his ride.


Last, but never least Renata arrived in her 2005 CLK500 in silver. We did not have enough interest in lunch, so the morning wrapped up around 10 am. Despite the gloom and doom of the day, we had an awesome time together plus some new folks that want to hang with us. It doesn't get better than this.


Unfortunately this is from Jeff Brown:


With a very heavy heart, I need to pass along some very bad news from the San Antonio car scene.  Monday April 29th, I received the following message from Luis, who organizes the monthly Coffee & Rides at the Vineyard Shopping Center.  Apparently, some unscrupulous – dare I say, idiotic, moronic & pin-headed – car folk(s) sped through the parking lot, narrowly avoiding an accident.  The owners of Vineyard Shopping Center called Luis and informed him that the parking lot can no longer be used to gather. This essentially shuts down Coffee & Rides and effective immediately.


Respectfully submitted,

Wicho, the unofficial, official reporter for the most awesome AMSO.

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