Cars of AMSO

Hey!  We are a car club!  And we're proud of the high-tech chariots that we cruise around in.

Here are some pictures of our member's motorcars.

Wicho with his drop-dead gorgeous 2013 SLK250.  Is this one sweet looking motorcar, or what?!?  The front grille, a nod back to the grandfather of all SL's.  Member Wicho is very proud - and rightly so - of his red SLK baby.

Here's Charles' SL500.

Affectionately known as 'The Grey Ghost'.


Member 'Baja' loves to drive the iconic 1986 560SL while his wife, Yong, drives the white C-class.  Awesome looking pair of motorcars sitting side-by-side!  Clearly though, the SL is Baja's pride and joy.

Heather loves her 2013 Smart car.

Can you tell?!?

She looks safe enough between a pair of big, burly trucks.

 The metal chariot of the Grand Poobah himself, exulted El Jeffe, El Presidente Extraordinaire, and all-'round nice guy... Jeff.  Known as the club's 'Ghetto Cruiser', the 2005 S55 AMG is a beautiful motorcar.

This is truly Don's pride and joy, a 2013 CLS550. It is a beautiful metallic gray with stone interior, that is very difficult to find. The Events Goddess has deemed it the 'Big Boy Ghetto Cruiser' of the club, and the beautiful car made it's début on the TX-130 85 mph run. As we know, all roads lead to Buc-ee's, and you will only see this beaut out during good weather. On the home front it is known as the 'Garage Queen'.

Meet Jim & Ann's '11 Smart Pure - Munchkin!  They have 'smartly' augmented their chariot with an Add-a-Spare unit and love cruising 'round the College Station area.  Being huge Aggie fans, their Smart garners a ton of attention, especially during Spring Break!


This is 'The Don's' 1972 280SE which for being 41 years old is in primo condition. You won't see this baby out if the weather is bad, as it is even more of a garage queen then his other baby. The classic styling and color just sparkle. It gets quite the attention at Coffee & Rides. This car just screams drive me, and it is as as fun to cruise as the new ones.

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