Coffee & Rides ~ Saturday, 23 Feb 2013

The alarm goes off at 6:00am. What? It's a Saturday, what am I doing up so early? Wow! 45 degrees, time to put the long johns on. It's going to be a great, but chilly Coffee and Rides at the Vineyard on Blanco and 1604.


I leave the house at 7:00am, and made a quick stop at Wal-Mart for a few items. I arrived at the Vineyard at 7:30am. Baja was out in all of his cold weather gear and guided me to my appointed spot. What happened? What are all those Subaru’s doing in our usual spot? Gee, I didn't even realize there were so many people driving them Subaru’s. There was one Subaru that caught my eye, as it had a mustache plastered across the front bumper.


So here Baja and I are, freezin' our you-know-what's off. When, oh, when will the sun come out and warm things up.


What's that coming down the road but Morris's 66 250SE, beautiful vintage gray car and as Morris puts it, a work in progress.


Where is Sak? I thought he was supposed to be here? Where are those cones? The lot is filling up fast. Seems like they changed the event time to begin at 7:00am, so that is why everyone is here so early! Next to arrive was Sak with the cones and after him, one awesome late model S550, Baja just flagged in James and Charles in their gorgeous beauty. Potential AMSO members? Who knows, but with the white Grand Poobah Ghetto Cruiser missing, this is a fine specimen to take an untakeable spot. Right behind the S550 is John with his E350. Then Baja's friend Don arrives in a black 06 SLK280.


I thought Joyce was going to arrive by 8:00am-ish.... well that -ish really stretched out to more like 9:30am. Where is the coffee? We are freezing out here! I think we need to have a club rule, last one to arrive needs to provide a round of coffee! Let's put it to a vote!


What a fantastic coffee and rides event, the big dogs were out in style everything from a 29 Packard to a great showing of the Central Texas Crossfire Club, Subaru's out the wazoo, Ferrari's, Lambo's Porsche's, Mercedes, Smarts, F bodies to Vipers to Mustangs to you name it they were there. It was a perfect day for all the Super cars to come out (I stole this from Joyce).


The sun came out and things started to warm up, and we were hitting the road to Bobby J's in Helotes. Why does Joyce always pick these gravel parking lots? This is just a rhetorical question after all. We regrouped in the parking lot and entered the quaint establishment. This joint has some really great burgers and fresh cut fries and onion rings. We all had time to warm up, refuel and relive the awesomeness of the morning. Of course, we all took a moment of silence to honor our fearless leader, none other than the Grand Poobah, himself, Jeff and First Lady, Lori Brown. We missed you, thought of you, made fun of you (Rudy also) and sent many well wishes, positive vibes, etc. to you upon your travels.


Faithfully submitted, lawyer retained... just in case of a libel lawsuit, 


 ...the Unofficial, Official Reporter for the most awesome AMSO.

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