Biff Buzby's Burgers - Friday, 1 Feb 2013

Our first Friday night event brought out members of the AMSO family and introduced us to 2 new friends. A hearty welcome goes out to Brandon and Bre – owners of a very cool Smart car! For this simple, informal event, and with little fanfare, 14 folks gathered together at Biff Buzby’s Burgers in Live Oak, TX. Yes, traffic was tough, but the weather was nice and the camaraderie outstanding! And of course, the burgers and fried pickles are out of this world. Little wonder why Biff Buzby's sponsors a cruise-in every Friday night!

In attendance tonight was Joyce & Bob, Baja & Yong, John & Mitzi, Jeff & Lori, Brandon & Bre, Dan & Yaeko, and arriving a smidgeon late, was Wicho & Don. What great turn-out! We sat around getting caught up and getting to know our newest members, Brandon & Bre. Of course, once the burgers and fixin’s were coming, the conversations got a bit choppy. The grub kept us pre-occupied!

After an hour or two, we began to break up as it had been a long week. But we really enjoyed getting together. It ‘worked’ on a Friday; the club chemistry was awesome! Once outside after dinner, everyone gets to walk around the street rods, rice rockets, oldies – you name it! Wonderful collection of cars. Although we arrived separately, we were able to capture 4 parking slots together, so AMSO was represented.

This event was billed as informal but it demonstrated that we could gather a pretty good crowd, even on a Friday night! So we are going to try it again in a few months, perhaps staging off-site and driving together so that we can all park together. As the weather warms, it would be nice to sit outside, under the stars. Already planning the next one!

Ying & Yang - Twin Sons of Different Mothers

Told Joyce to take a pic of the table... this is what I got!

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