The Someone Birthday Party ~ April 13, 2013

Well, we all thought that no one in the club had a birthday or anniversary during the month of April. Is that really a reason not to party? So we set up a dinner in the far north portion of the city. Then as the days progressed and the RSVP came rolling in, we discovered that Yeako celebrated her birthday during the month and that her and Dan would be attending.


We settled on a spot that even the most advanced GPS systems has difficulty finding. It was none other than Le Bistro Saigon. They have in/outdoor seating, and a fantastic variety menu of Asian cuisine.


Karen was the first to arrived and set out with a nice pot o' tea while waiting for the rest to arrive. The Don and Wicho were actually the next to arrive, I know is this a surprise or what. I think this is a first of not being the last! Dan and Yeako, Renate, Sak, Bebe, Tina and Robert came along next. Jeff and Lori were out exploring the countryside being led on the proverbial wild goose chase led of course by their GPS. I think they were auditioning for one of those mayhem commercials. Last but not least, was John and Mitzi.


I need to say, that before the rest showed up, Karen in all of her recruitment glory, was out trying to round up new members because she saw a really nice late model Mercedes in the parking lot. Way to go Karen!


If you are any familiar with this group, you know there is always some drama involved. Wouldn't you know, the joint didn't renew their liquor license for the year. Here we thought we could have some beer and wine with our meals! So Jeff, John and Robert set out over hill and dale and everywhere to find some liquid refreshment to compliment the meal. Actually, they just had to take a few steps down the strip mall to the liquor store! So what might have been a disaster turned out A-Okay! Which does almost all the time for our group.


We did forget the birthday Sombrero, but that did not damped the spirit of the evening as we all sang a hearty happy birthday to the birthday girl! The evening was filled with smiles, laughter, good conversation and fellowship. Tina and Robert were a blast, and we all agreed that Sak needs to buy them a nice Mercedes so they can feel part of the group. All kidding aside, we would be more than happy to have them along for the ride, no matter what they drive.


We did miss Joyce and Bob, who were busy working in the yard and entertaining visiting relatives. As what has become almost our usual manner, we ended up closing down the joint, and were heartily welcomed to return. Just another awesome AMSO get together that we all can bask in the wonderful memories.


Respectfully submitted,


Wicho, the unofficial, official reporter for the most awesome AMSO.


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