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Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.

   ~ Maxwell Maltz


The Alamo Mercedes-Smart Owners was formed to give owners an alternative in the San Antonio, TX area. We invite all Mercedes-Benz and Smart owners to join us. Whether you are a first-time owner or long-time enthusiast, we are the group for you!


Our philosophy is simple – provide an open and friendly club that focuses on driving, fun, and friendship where everyone feels welcome and an active part of the group. Whether you drive a stalwart Mercedes 240D, a blazing fast SLS, or the fun Smart car – all are welcome. We are unpretentious and know that it takes all models to make a well-rounded brand. We average 2 to 3 events a month; most are driving events. Be it a winery tour in the Hill Country, a scenic run to the coast, or just goofing off with a Mystery Run after each monthly Cruise In at the Rim gathering, AMSO provides ample opportunities to have fun. We believe a car club should adapt to its members, not the other way around. So events are frequent to maximize opportunities for participation.


AMSO is for the young as well as the young at heart. Matters not if your car is a daily driver, a project car, or one hidden in the garage as a concours winner, we get excited about all Mercedes-Benz and Smart motorcars. Our members own everything from the thrifty 1-liter to the big V-12s. We gather frequently for the love of our cars, the calling of the open road, and the tremendous camaraderie that we demonstrate to everyone that joins us. The cars draw us together, but it's the friendships and pleasurable experiences that bring folks back again and again! We just make everyone feel welcome! Our slogan says it all: ‘The cars bring us together, the camaraderie keeps us together’.


Check out the Calendar Section and come join us for an event - everyone is welcome! If you thrill at touring the highways, byways, and back-country roads of Texas, love letting your hair down, and enjoy having lots of fun, then we are the group for you. No stress, no mess, no egos, no dues... just us, cars and the road. We're the car club with a non-club attitude!

See ya ‘round the bend.

Every AMSO event is open to visitors and non-members who want to see how fun this group can really is...

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